Vietnam is the 15th most populous country in the world. Located in southeast Asia, the over 2000 miles long country shares borders with China, Cambodia and Laos.

The country has a colorful culture and an exciting cuisine consisting of pho (kind of noodle soup), egg, coffee and other delicious dishes. Rich in biodiversity, the country is home to more than 16% of all known species in the world. Because of its long coastline by the South Chinese Sea, it attracts many tourists. It is a place where one can find white long beaches and scenic beauty. According to Vietnamese mythology, the vietnamese people originate from dragons. Therefore, the dragon is seem as something spiritual and an object to worship. Furthermore, it is believed that the dragon brings rain, which is necessary for agriculture. Vietnam 

Cu chi tunnels

Located just outside of Ho Chi Minh in the Saigon district lies thes Cu Chi tunnels. This extensive network of underground tunnels is a must see for every visitor in Vietnam. These  tunnels played an important part for locals and soldiers during the Vietnam war. The system has a total length of more than 200 km! Try crawling in the narrow tunnels, shoot an old weapon or maybe watch one of the many documentary videos displayed.

Marble mountain

This group of five limestone and marble hills is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Vietnam. Explore the beautiful caves, hidden tunnels and the magnificent marble carvings. Mt.Thuy is the only one of the five hills available to tourists and it offers a spectacular view! 

Phu Quoc

Phu quoc is Vietnam’s biggest island. With its idyllic beaches, lush vegetation and beautiful sunsets it’s the perfect destination for those looking for a relaxing stay in paradise. Beachside activities, traditional villages and buddhist pagodas are just a few of the things that can be explored here.

Old quarters, hoan kiem

Located in Hanoi, these charming old quarters offer everything from beautiful architecture to exciting street food experiences! Street musicians performing and artists painting your portrait in combination with the hectic traffic makes it a unique experience. The weekend night market is very popular amongst both locals and tourists. Wander around in the small valleys or visit the french quarters and rest by lake Hoan Kiem for a while. 

Datanla falls

These fascinating waterfalls surrounded by beautiful nature are located outside of Dà Lat. It’s possible to go by foot to see them but for the adventurous, paying to go on the self controlled roller coaster might be more fun!

Noir dining in the dark restaurant

“Noir” is french for black and that is precisely what this restaurant offers; a dining experience in the dark! Use your remaining senses to taste the food that is served by blind or visually impaired staff. Enjoy this sensory journey that will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Crowd1 Vietnam quick facts

Country: Vietnam
Capital: Hanoi
Official languages: Vietnamese
Currency: đồng (₫) (VND)

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