Lesotho is a mountainous country located in the southern part of the African continent. Approximately two million people live in Lesotho and the capital is called Maseru.

Formerly known as Basutoland the full name today is “The Kingdom of Lesotho”. An individual in Lesotho is known as a Mosotho, the collective of people is called Basotho and their official language is Sesotho! The country is fully landlocked and an enclave of South Africa, one of three enclave countries in the world. It is situated on a plateau and the entire country is set above 1400 m. It has a world record of the “highest lowest point”, being 1400 m. In fact, more than 80% of Lesotho lies above 1,800 m which makes it the highest located country in the world! One of the most dangerous mountain passes in the world is the Sani pass which connects South African city Underberg to Mokhotlong in Lesotho.

Subeng dinosaur foot prints

One small step for a dinosaur is a giant leap for man… These dinosaur footprints preserved in sandstone are estimated to be around 200 million years old. Found 15 meters from the Subeng river there are footprints from at least three and maybe as many as six different species. What makes the find significant is that they prove that big, carnivorous dinosaurs existed earlier than thought in Southern Africa.

Maletsunyane falls

This spectacular waterfall outside the small village of Semonkong has a drop of more than 200 meters. Offering the world’s longest commercial single-drop abseil, this is an experience for the brave. The abseil with its 204 meters has a Guinness world record and experienced guides that guarantee your safety.


Afri-ski is the only skiing resort in Lesotho and one of only two ski resorts in southern Africa. Located in northern Lesotho close to the South African border, it reaches over 3000 meters above sea level. During the months June-August it offers a 1 km beginners ski slope and when the snow is sparse, snowmaking machines help fill in the gaps. During summertime, the slope is used for activities such as mountain biking, trail running and paintball.

Crowd1 Lesotho quick facts

Country: Lesotho
Capital: Maseru
Official languages: Sesotho, English
Currency: Lesotho loti (LSL), South African rand (ZAR)

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