Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa and shares borders with Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. Officially known as the Republic of Kenya, it is the 48th most populous country in the world and has over 50 million inhabitants.

The capital and biggest city is called Nairobi and the country has more than 40 ethnic groups and over 60 different languages! It is the reason why it is sometimes called the “country of languages”. Kenya frequently produces Olympic champions and has won many Olympic medals with their middle and long distance runners being very successful. Historically, Kenya has been an important port for both Asian and Arabian traders. Goods that were to be traded in Africa entered through the Kenyan coast from where they were distributed across the continent. With a beautiful scenic nature and diverse wildlife, it’s a country that draws many visitors every year. For example the world’s second largest freshwater lake, lake Victoria is found in Kenya. This shallow lake consists mostly of precipitation, rainwater, and offers activities such as bird watching, fishing trips and boat rides. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain on the African continent, after Mt Kilimanjaro, and it is Kenya’s highest mountain. The diverse Kenyan wildlife includes the well recognized “The big five”; lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo and elephants. 

Lamu archipelago

With its white beaches and turquoise waters, this beautiful archipelago on Kenya’s northern coast is full of beautiful views. Archaeological findings suggest that people have been living on these islands for over 1200 years! Visit ruins on any of the islands or jump on one of the traditional sailing boats called dhow. There are almost no motor vehicles on any of the islands and days here move slowly; enjoy the pace!

Lake Turkana 

In northern Kenya you can find lake Turkana, the most saline lake in Africa. As the world’s largest desert lake it has a place on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Not a very popular destination for tourists, make your visit to the lake a day trip and get away and spend a few hours fishing in the extraordinary nature!

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is at 3,800 meters (17,000 feet) the second highest peak on the continent and worth a visit if you want to experience amazing nature in the heart of Kenya. Join one of the guided tours who will lead you using any of the three main routes.

The great migration

From the plains of Serengeti, millions of wild animals like antelopes, zebras and wildebeest migrate through the Masai Mara National park. They move the same route every year between July and October. Watch the phenomenon from horseback, airplane or why not from a hot-air balloon? Just make sure to watch out for any predators following the crowd…

The Maasai market

This vibrant open air market located in central Nairobi is popular amongst locals and a visit is obligatory for anyone visiting. Its location is rotated around the city throughout the week, so be sure to find the right place. The Maasai market offers everything from paintings, clothes, jewelry and wood-carvings to souvenirs handcrafted by local artisans. Exercise your bargaining skills and head out into the busy streets!

Talisman restaurant

Talisman restaurant is one of Nairobi’s most well-known. This pearl offers homemade food in a pleasant, rustic setting. There are options for everyone, Talisman serves both vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food!

Crowd1 Kenya quick facts

Country: Kenya
Capital: Nairobi
Official languages: Swahili
Currency: Kenyan shilling (KES)

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