Simplify traveling with LifeTRNDS

A sophisticated booking platform giving members access to more than 2 million hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and cruises all over the world.

How does LifeTRNDS work?

Register with LifeTRNDS through your back office.

Book your next travel experience through Crowd1 / LifeTRNDS at the best prices.

For you as a member

The hotel and resort booking profits belong to you as a member. Also, while it is often possible to get a cheaper price via LifeTRNDS, that is not where the biggest savings are: You make money on the margins that are distributed right back into your own network. 

Let’s make this your best trip ever!

Unique deal for Crowd1 members

It’s free to use the LifeTRNDS booking engine. All you have to do is register to reap the rewards.

LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership

Elevate your travel experience further with LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership. This is anything but ordinary. It’s a unique, by-invitation-only membership programme created solely for Crowd1 members. The membership offers exclusive benefits and premier 24/7 booking service.

As part of the introduction, Crowd1 members only pay €59 (usually priced at €99). Included in the low monthly cost, Platinum Membership offers luxury and VIP add-on and services.

€59 / Per month


Rewarding member rates

Greater access and specially tailored offers on hotels around the world at 35-80% off the rates that consumers generally pay through other booking agencies including Expedia,, or directly through a hotels website.

Ultimate benefits

As the title suggests, the best price promise lets members take advantage of the best prices on the market. Included in this is a refund of 110% of the price difference should LifeTRNDS be unable to meet or beat the prices of competitors.

Access discounts on vacation rentals around the world. Platinum Members can, for instance, enjoy a 7-night stay for four people expecting to pay less than €8.00 per person per day. Designed to offer an even more comprehensive range of rentable accommodations, groups and families can enjoy this specially curated offer tailored to them.
Enjoy special pricing like never before on international travel documentation services while cutting the processing time short. The fast pass and highly sought-after visa offer provide a better turnaround time on your travel necessities. It guarantees travellers an effective and efficient system of collecting necessary information and additional charges that might apply to the travel.
Get fast, personal service 24/7 for all your hotel booking needs from highly-trained travel agents with deep insight into the travel industry.

Upgrade your travel experience / Give your travel experience an upgrade.
Booking site without the hassle and all the added benefits / Booking with all the benefits without the hassle

LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership is exclusively presented to Crowd1 members and invites them to the new world of the most beneficial prices and bookings. While saving thousands on large discounts, the Platinum Membership allows you to choose among millions of hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and cruises.

Disclaimer: LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership is a prepaid 12-month subscription for €708 (12*€59). LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership is only available for Crowd1 Affiliates that have already registered with LifeTRNDS. If you have not completed the registration, you need to do so before registering with LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership.