Crowd1 Ivory coast

Crowd1 Ivory Coast
Cote d'Ivoire is a country located in West Africa. The majority of the world's ivory was traded by the coast of Cote d’Ivoire hence the name “Ivory coast”.

The country is one of the most biodiverse in the world, home to many exotic animals such as monkeys, lions, tigers, and leopards.

Les Cascades de Man.

Visit the waterfall Les Cascades de Man and take a dip in the refreshing water pouring down the rocks. It is easily accessible by foot and it’s recommended to visit during the weekdays when there are not too many locals around. So why not finish a hike with a dip in the natural pool and enjoy the beautiful scenery with bamboo trees and exotic animals. 

La Pyramide

In the Ivory Coast, you will find dozens of majestic and impressive architecture which has played an important part in the country’s history. One of the more famous ones is the La pyramide, which was celebrated as one of the Ivory Coast’s most impressive structures at the time of its completion. 

Notre dame de la Paix

Located in the capital Yamoussoukro lies the world’s biggest church, Notre Dame de la Paix. This impressive marble building has a height of 158 meters and a total area of 30000 square meters. The building was constructed between 1985 and 1989. 

Assagny national park 

Assagny national park is located in the south of the Ivory Coast which occupies a total area of 17,000 hectares. The climate here is wet all year around. The vegetation in the park mainly consists of mangroves but there is additionally some moist forest and coastal savanna. The fauna here consists of elephants, chimpanzees, and many species of monkey, as well as bushpigs and African forest buffalos. Three different species of West African crocodile can be found here, even though they are rare. In the Ébrie Lagoon, the African manatee can be found.

Comoé National Park

Comoé national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the north-eastern part of the Ivory coast. It is the largest protected area in West Africa, with a total area of 11,500 square kilometres. The park boasts the most biodiverse savannah in the world. The landscape here stretches over a multitude of altitudes and contains many habitats containing a remarkable diversity of life: The park is home to 135 mammal species, 11 primates species, 21 artiodactyl species and over 500 bird species.

Crowd1 Ivory coast quick facts

Country: Ivory Coast
Capital: Yamoussoukro
Official languages: French
Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)

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