Known as the Democratic Republic of Congo is a country located in Central Africa. It has a 40 km coastline by the Atlantic Ocean and is the second largest country in Africa.

Plantlife is lush and varies across climatic areas. The heart of the Congo Basin is blanketed by a complex vegetation network widely known as the equatorial rainforest. Congo is home to more than 200 African ethnic groups, with Bantu people being the majority. With a population of over 84 million, it is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa. 

Mount Nyiragongo

This active volcano is located inside Virunga National Park and with an elevation of 3,470 meters in the Virunga mountains. Adventure awaits those who are willing to hike the volcano, preferably with guides. The volcano is known for its eruptions and in 2002 Goma was largely destroyed by the lava. 

La Côte Sauvage 

This beautiful beach is one of the most popular in the Pointe-Noire area. It is located to the south of the city and is known locally as “the wild coast”. Here you will find lots of stalls serving cold drinks and fresh fish, as well as lots of free space where you can relax and hear the ocean breeze.

Zongo Falls 

This waterfall gushes out of a 65 meters tall cliff creating a scenic view and spectacular rainbows along the way. Right in the middle of the jungle, take a spot and enjoy the majestic waterfall. You can reach the waterfall from Kinshasa, book a guide if you are interested in a more extensive story. 

Lake Kivu

This is one of Africa’s greatest lakes. Just by the border of Rwanda and Congo, the 90 km long and 50 km wide lake is situated. Here you can find many different kinds of fishes and freshwater crabs. 

Matadi Bridge

This suspension bridge crosses the Congo River in Matadi. When it was completed in 1983 it was the longest suspension bridge in Africa, being 520 meters long. Visit the bridge while enjoying the river flowing underneath your feet. 

Restaurant Karibu

This lively, friendly bar and restaurant has a distinctly trendy look, with a crowd of locals around the pool table. The garden is decorated with empty beer bottles and fairy lights, and a shop selling recycled clothing with a Congolese touch. The menu contains Congolese quality as well as decent pizza.

Crowd1 Congo quick facts

Country: Congo
Capital: Brazzaville
Official languages: French
Currency: Central African CFA franc (XAF)

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