This small island located east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius is an overseas department of the French republic.

The capital is Saint-Denis and the closest neighbouring countries are Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar. The official language is French and the majority of the population speaks Réunion french. Their official currency is Euro, as the  island is a special member state of the European Union. Reúnion is famous for its beautiful beaches and wildlife. The highest point of the island at 3,070 m above sea level is the active shield volcano Piton de la Fournaise. The volcano is a world heritage site and originates in the same hotspot as Mauritius. Located on the eastern side of the island, Piton de la Fournaise has erupted more than 100 times since 1640. The industries include tourism, sugar, rum, handicrafts and extraction of flower oils. Sugar, rum, vanilla and seafood are the common exported products.

Marché Forain

This colourful market in Saint-Pierre offers everything from souvenirs, mats and clothing to exotic fresh produce! Handmade silver jewelry, flowers and local honey can be bought here and the food stalls offer delicious meals. Tourists and locals all gather in the crowded streets, if you want to feel the pulse of Réunion this is the place to be.


One of the island’s most popular tourist destinations is the turtle sanctuary Kelonia. Helping both sea and land turtles, the Kelonia guided tours will give you a chance to see them up close. For visitors of any age, this is a meaningful visit guaranteed to teach you a thing or two!

Plage de l’Ermitage

This peaceful white beach protected by a large coral reef is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. White beaches with fine sand and the calm shallow lagoon is perfect for families with children. If you want to explore the depths below, make sure to bring your snorkeling gear! Because of the coral reef, the waters are safe and protected from any sharks. Enjoy the colourful schools of clownfish, damselfish and if you’re lucky you might spot a turtle or two..

Temple Tamoul Narassingua Perournal

Embellished and colourful, this Hindu temple in Saint-Pierre is hidden from the public eye and busy streets. Serving as a spiritual sanctuary for the local Tamil population, the temple offers religious prescripts and unusual architecture. The place is often closed for visitors, but it is possible to visit by making sure to  book a local guide in advance. 

Tunnels de lave 

Tunnels de lave can be found on the eastern side of Réunion. Explore them from within or try climbing the summit of the volcano Piton de la fournaise! Natural rock formations such as stalagmites and lava perimorphose in different shapes lets you use your creativity to make out objects in the abstract shapes. Is it a bird? A plane?

Crowd1 Réunion quick facts

Country: Réunion (France)
Capital: Saint-Denis
Official languages: French
Currency: Euro (EUR)

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