France is a country full of history and diversity. Home to plenty of idyllic villages and grandiose castles.

The country’s long history of influence is reflected in its rich and sophisticated culture: fine-arts, wine, and delicious gastronomy.

France is globally recognized for its fine-art culture. France has been the home to many of the most famous artists: Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Monet and Matisse are all french painters who was born in the country. Many art movements have begun in France. Impressionism, realism, romanticism are just some examples. Plenty of art museums and small galleries are found all around the country. In the heart of Paris, the world-famous art museum Le Louvre museum is located, where one can find ancient art dating thousands of years.

France is also famous for its wine industry. All over the country one can find lush green vineyards and wineries. The wine making process is considered an art by the French. The environment the grapes grew up in, the distillery process as well as the flavours all affects the wines flavours, quality and… price. Some of the most expensive wines can sell for thousands of dollars. 

Discover the Charm of Artists’ Villages in Provence

Provence, with its idyllic villages and lush greenery, has been both a home and an inspiration source for many French artists for a long time. Saint-Paul de Vence, the most famous artist village in the region, was home to Marc Chagall and Jean-Michel Folon. Here lies Fondation Maeght, a well-known art-museum for modern and contemporary art that was founded by the legendary art-dealer-couple Marguerite och Aimé Maeght. Not far from here, Matisse post-impressionist artwork can be seen.

Bike around Bordeaux

The Bordeaux region boasts some of the most attractive scenery in France: green hills covered with grapevines, grandiose castles, and picturesque villages. One of the best ways to experience this fantastic landscape is to bike through it on one of the beautiful bicycle routes. One popular route from Bordeaux is the Roger Lapebie bike path in the Entre-Deux-Mer region, an area appreciated for its lush natural landscape. Part of this route runs along the tranquil tree-lined Canal de Deux Mers. After about 20 kilometers from Bordeaux, the path leads to Créon, an interesting medieval town.

Shop at the Colorful Markets of Aix-en-Provence

In Aix-En-Provence you will find different, colorful local open-air markets. At Place de Hotel de Ville one can find markets with flowers in all different colors of the rainbow. The Grand Marche is a typical Provençal market with food from the region. Place de Verdun hosts the antique market, where one can find furnishings, books, and clothes with more.

A traditional farmers market is held every day at the shade square of Place Richelme. Here, one can find local frosh for groceries such as cheese, olive oil, and fish. You can also buy calissons d’Aix here, which are little candies shaped like diamonds, considered a delicacy and specialty of the region.

Go Sailing in Saint-Tropez

The French Riviera is known for its harbor filled with huge luxury yachts from all around the world and the perfect place for sailors. It’s an exciting experience hearing the seagulls yell and the wind touch your skin while admiring the vast turquoise water and breathing in the salty air from the sea. There are also plenty of picturesque harbor towns along the coast to discover. 

Stroll through the charming Old Quarters of Paris

The Quartier Latin, the Ile Saint-Louise, and Le Marais are some beautiful neighborhoods of Paris where one can feel the ambiance of medieval Paris. The Left Bank in the Latin Quarter has been the city’s university quarter since the middle-ages. Also known for different types of boutiques and bookshops. At Ile de la cite, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is located. From there, cross to Saint-Louise to reach Ile de Saint-Louise, which is a charming island with many different types of boutiques.


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